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Vigdis Flaten

Vice President, People

Vigdis is Vice President, People, sitting on Yseop’s management team and overseeing the development of its employees and teams globally. In addition to her core HR responsibilities, Vigdis is focused on organisational development and transformation, putting the right processes and initiatives in place to help drive growth and transition from our start-up culture, while retaining and enhancing our core values. Her mantra, from Maya Angelou, is “When you get give. When you learn teach”; a dedicated and supportive approach she embodies and brings to the team.

Vigdis has extensive experience supporting companies through intensive periods of growth and change. She previously worked as HR Director at GreenFlex, where she oversaw the growth of the team from 50 to 400 employees and the integration of 5 companies in 5 years, putting in place an effective recruitment strategy and organizational processes to support internal and external growth. 

Vigdis graduated from ESSEC and IEP Strasbourg. She loves getting creative in her spare time; sewing, drawing and reading contemporary literature. Vigdis also loves experimenting in the kitchen and is committed to taking a zero waste approach - regularly enjoying waste-free home-made yoghurts!