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YSEOP is recognized as one of the “workplace” to be!

YSEOP is certified with two labels!

For its first participation, YSEOP wins not one but two certifications: HappyIndex® / AtWork and HappyIndex® / AgileatWork.


HappyIndex® / AtWork


The HappyIndex® / AtWork promotes the companies where people are the most happy and motivated at work.

YSEOP employees evaluated the company across 6 dimensions: Professional development, Stimulating environment, Management, Recognition & Rewards, Pride and Flow – Pleasure.

We are particularly honored to see our employees demonstrate enthusiasm and take pride in our daily mission to make NLG more accessible.

HappyIndex® / AgileatWork


Our employees also took the HappyIndex® / AgileatWork survey to assess the awareness of agile practice within the organization. As a software company, being agile is part of our DNA. We keep abreast of the latest development methodologies and see value in having those best practices spread across the organization.

With an overall rating of 4.39/5, YSEOPers recognized 2 key fundamental success factors: agile mindset and team collaboration.

We are thankful to all YSEOPers for participating to the surveys, and we will pursue our efforts in making YSEOP one of the workplace to-be!