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Intelligent Report Automation for Controllers

Making work more humane



Yseop analyzes data and writes reports to provide answers to what’s driving the business

The times of "I'm waiting on that quarterly report" or "What's the status of P&L?" are over. Yseop helps optimize your digital workflows while giving everyone access to their own virtual analyst. 

As a controller, your time is filled with preparation of the operating budgets, overseeing financial reporting and understanding what drove the business. Intelligent automation augments the controllership, by analyzing variance, comparing cash flow performance and pointing out what impacted the balance sheet.

Optimize operations and streamline workflows to let the machines do what they do best - so your people can focus on what they do best. Yseop provides no-code automation solutions that enable your digital transformation and deliver value in days, not weeks or months.

NLG for Controllership ushers in Digital Transformation at scale

Efficiency in the closing Process

Efficiency in the closing Process

With reports available in seconds, what used to be weeks of organization is done in seconds

Savings, ROI and Value

Savings, ROI and Value

With less time spent writing reports, controllers are empowered to partner with the business to drive performance.

Augmented workforce

Augmented workforce

Natural Language Generation gives people the tools they need to focus on things that machines can't. Collaborating, Critical Strategy, driving solution

Revolutionize the way you work, today

Whether you are looking for help to identify your first business use case, or have a specific need in mind, we can help you seize the opportunities of this next generation AI technology and drive real business improvement. Get in touch today to join the NLG workplace revolution. 

Finance Automation for Finance Leaders

Finance Automation for Finance Leaders

Controller and Finance Leaders are turning their focus to Report Automation. Will you stay ahead of the curve?

Explore our Powerful Natural Language Generation Tools

Controllership can be complex, and human error is costly

At scale, controllers deal with mounds of data all to generate insights, but often run out of time when it comes to building solutions. An augmented workforce can generate enterprise insights at scale with Yseop Augmented Financial Analyst solution.

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Controllers spend so much time supplementing data visualization tools with commentary

The Yseop Augmented Business Intelligence plug-in helps automate data stories in the voice of your best controller. This not only ensures consistency, but is proven to lead to better and faster decision making

Check out Augmented Business Intelligence

How much time would you save if your financial reports were automatically generated?

Introducing ALIX, our new tool that determines the percentage of your financial report that can be automated using our Augmented Financial Analyst in less than a minute. Use it to see how much time you could save on on a multitiude of controllership reports