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Clinical Study Report Use Case: Overcoming Bottlenecks with Drug Discovery and Development

How AI and NLG can make a practical difference in CSR reporting

This guide looks at how the latest Natural Language Generation technologies are being used to help pharmaceutical companies bring life saving drugs to market quicker.

Pharmaceutical companies can help more patients around the world by taking advantage of AI technology to help them reduce the burden of reporting for their medical writers, whilst meeting regulatory requirements and allowing their writers to focus on more high value tasks.

Read on to learn how Yseop helps pharmaceutical companies rise to the challenge of getting drugs to market, by streamlining the report writing process.


What are the key results of automating parts of the CSR report?

  • We see our customers reducing writing time by 30%
  • Employees can focus on more high value scientific sections of the report
  • Using these latest technologies to save time and money, life saving drugs can get to more people, entering the market quicker at a lower cost.

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