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White paper: Natural Language Generation in Finance Workflows

How to best integrate & evaluate NLG in Finance

According to Gartner, “NLG offers significant opportunities to improve operations and user experiences” and its strategic assumption is that “by 2022, 25% of enterprises will use some form of natural language generation technology*”, but how do we fit NLG in finance workflows?

Financial services are dominated by data-driven busywork, much of which can be automated with NLG. But how does NLG fit into the processes companies are using today? And how does the technology fit from a technical perspective into your architecture?


WHITE PAPER: Natural Language Generation in Finance Workflows

  • What criteria should you use when looking at Natural Language Generation Software? 
  • What are the best use cases for NLG in finance? 
  • How does NLG fit into existing processes?


* Gartner, Market Guide for Natural Language Generation Platforms, 27 June 2019, Bern Elliot, Anthony Mullen, Adrian Lee, Rita Sallam

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