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Infographic: What is NLG? Making sense of the AI Alphabet Soup

Forbes Magazine declared Natural Language Generation one of the top trends for 2017. This, of course, drew a lot of attention to the topic. However, it also created a lot of misunderstanding. What is natural language generation exactly? How does it differ from Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding? But most importantly, what are the top uses cases for Natural Language Generation (NLG)?

This infographic clearly explains what NLG is, what it is used for and where it comes from. It also explains the differences between NLG, NLU and NLP.  Let's cut through the techno-speak and explain what you need to know about this exciting technology. 


Infographic: NLG, NLU & NLP: Making Sense of Alphabet Soup

Too often in technology we throw abbreviations around without explanations. This infographic quickly explains the key differences between the terms & technologies. But, most importantly, it highlights the best use cases.  

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