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Compare Virtual Sales Assistant Software: White Paper by Oliver Wyman

How Virtual Sales Assistants Are Disrupting Banking

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Bots, Virtual Sales Assistants, and Whispering Agents, it's easy to get lost and easier still to focus on functionality over business fit when you compare virtual sales assistant technologies. Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, offers a deep dive in the space and moves on to compare Virtual Sales Assistant software across the market, looking at the leading players in the space from IBM Watson and Salesforce to Yseop.


Compare Virtual Sales Assistant Software: Key Questions! 

  • Why does your sales team need a face lift ?
  • What are the front office use cases of AI & Virtual Sales Assistants in Banking ?
  • What will sales look like in 2025 ?
  • Compare the leading Sales Assistant Software on the market today. 

When you begin to compare virtual sales assistant software, you are immediately met with a barrage of technical functionalities: machine learning, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation etc. The truth is that you have a business problem and you may or may not need each of those technologies. Celent puts these technologies into perspective and refocuses the conversation on the business case allowing you to compare virtual sales assistant software through the lens of your business needs.   

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