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Intelligent Automation & Clinical Documentation Process

With artificial intelligence and custom pharma ontology, NLG is here to augment CSR

Getting drugs to market faster via reporting automation impacts all aspects of a pharmaceutical company

  • Medical Writers alleviate monotonous reporting and instead seek the analysis that sparks clinical innovation 

  • Operations run R&D smoothly as AI brings an assurance of accuracy

  • Finance and Sales realize value quicker as drugs enter market faster than previously possible

The application of artificial intelligence in the CSR process by Yseop seeks to get drugs to market faster.

Yseop created the Augmented Medical Writer with a custom ontology for the pharmaceutical industry. We created this ontology by implementing NLG solutions with some of the largest players in pharma. Implementing clinical automation for drug manufactures for the past 5 years and throughout the pandemic. Recently, creating end-to-end CSR documentation with our partners at Cognizant speeding up the introduction process for our clients. Hear more about this from our CEO as he briefly spoke about this at Vivatech 2021:

Looking to Introduce AI and Intelligent Automation into your Drug Introduction Process?

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Discover more during on webinar

In the webinar hosted by Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop, listen to pharma expert Jean Luc Schmidt of Cognizant how AI is key to solving some of the challenges of introducing new drugs:
- Presentation of Cognizant and Yseop and the Augmented Medical Writer
- The challenges pharmaceutical companies face when launching a new drug
- The benefit of a global approach to standardize and streamline workflows with Intelligent Automation

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